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Classic Reel

I am producing traditional Atlantic salmon flies for anglers going to the great destinations around the North Atlantic. For decades I was the principal tier of flies for Iceland bound anglers and the first tier of flies for Americans going to the Ponoi River.

Many of the old Canadian angling lodges are gone or converted to ZEC operations, but I still have logs of flies that were tied for anglers headed to the Restigouche, Moisie, Whale, and St Jean etc. I cherish the large Norwegian flies sent to me by Stan Bogdan and a small collection of originals tied by the Arseneaults.

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Special Feather Wing Classics for the River

These patterns are rarely tied because they are complex and require far more time and patience than conventional favorites. They are provided for those with a mind bent toward the fine traditions of the sport. The following popular patterns are tied on long low water hooks and priced at $120.00 per dozen; $60.00 half dozen in mixed sizes. Available hooks are low water singles in sizes: 1/0, 2, and 4. All Godfrey flies are Epoxy tied for strength.