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BiMetal Reel

BiMetal Reel


The Godfrey Heritage BiMetal Reel is back with improvements both in styling and material. This is obviously modeled after the famous Leonard BiMetal with nickel silver sides and bronze frame.

This lovely BiMetal features new dies cut to make the face plate name and harder - more scratch resistant nickel silver, plus a prettier bronze frame.

Like all Godfrey reels the BiMetal features single screw take down and the tried-and-true adjustable click pawl drag system. Due to the weight of the nickel silver, this reel is produced in the smaller sizes for three to five weight lines. This is a wonderfully functional, and certainly an elegant statement to complement your favorite cane rod.


 Model Frame Diameter Frame width       Line Capacity  * Reel Weight    Price
GBI 35     2.5 inch     1.16 inch DT-3 Wt. 25 yards backing   5.8 ounce $1,950.00
GBI 40     2.5 inch     1.23 inch DT-4 Wt. 25 yards backing   6.0 ounce $1,950.00
GBI 50     2.5 inch     1.30 inch DT-5 Wt. 25 yards backing   6.2 ounce. $1,950.00
GBI 60     2.75 inch     1.23 inch DT-5 Wt. 75 yards backing   7.0 ounce. $2,045.00

  * Synthetic line with 20 lb. Micron backing.

    The GBI 60 frame features a double top post.
    Frame Size is frame diameter not including the pillars.


  Handle arms:   Single, Philbrook or Gothic "S"
  Retrieve:   Specify Left or Right Hand
  Handle Knob:   White or Black

Extra Spools:
  Hand fitted to reel, but easy to change out. - $250.00

  The Heritage BiMetal Reel come with warranty and maintenance paper in a hand made draw string leather bag.

  Spools are hand fitted so consider extra spools in your initial order.

Questions/order - call Ted and Faye

            Professional Guide Eric Way on the Frying Pan. March 2016