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The Classic Reel Bags This is the Classic New England made bag used on Bogdan and other reels. It features an expanded bottom panel and folded over opening - a very sturdy design in heavy suede leather. The Classic also features a strong leather thong and closure bead.

Three sizes are availabe: small for 2 1/2- 3" reels, Medium for 3.2 - 3.5" reels, and Large for 4" spey size reels. Priced at: $40.00.




The Godfrey vom Hofe Style Reel Case This is the Classic American Reel Case. vom Hofe was a perfectionist who designed exquisite reels and his special case with hinged top and lustrous suede lining. The Godfrey Case is finely detailed with hand sewen "French" linen thread on Herman Oak Bridal Leather - a high grade "prestige" leather for lasting value.

Lining color choices: Burgundy, red, and Dark Forest Green. The Magnetic Closure as seen on the Shearling lined Case is Standard - photos to be upgraded here. We are happy to add your initials to the top or back. The Godfrey Custom Tackle classic insignia is stamped on the bottom. Priced at $375.00 Trout Reel Sizes, $400.00 Salmon Reel Sizes -- Custom Made to fit Your Reel.



Note: Current Schedule: 2 weeks to ship this case.


Vom Hofe Shearling Lined Case Now a highest quality vom Hofe style case to fit more reels. This is the same Classic vom Hofe Case, but shearling lined on the inside and sized to handle more reels. Same fine detailing with suede lining inside the back and top.

Available with the pictured magnetic closure. The Magnetic Closure tends to "jump closed" when you close the lid. Simple and very positive, it has a fully protected antique brass finish.

Chose your Case Size and lining color. Priced at $375.00. Initials added at no additional cost.

   Medium size - 2 1/2" and 2 3/4" diameter reels
   Large -- 3" and 3 1/4" dia. reels.


Note: Current schedule: 2 weeks to ship this case.


The Godfrey Pancake Leather Reel Cases The nice draw string case that I have been using for years. Available in two size: Small for 2 1/2 - 3" reels, and Medium for 3" - 3 1/4" reels. The little logo tag is a recent addition. Priced at $30.00 each.