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Westminster reel
Godfrey Classic Reels Continue the Tradition of Elegant Reel Design enhanced with Modern Functionality and Durability.

The Godfrey Classic Reels
The design of the Godfrey Classic, Brown Trout, and Cutthroat Trout Reels began 30 years go and have become the hallmark Godfrey Reels. The designs express turn-of-the-century classic motif with added modern functionality with adjustable click mechanism and easy spool change.
  Classic reel   Classic reel

The Heritage Series Reels
The elegant, Heritage BiMetal and Heritage Brook Trout Reels are of Leonard lineage, but feature improved design. These are premium class reels that belong on the finest cane rods.
  Classic reel   Classic reel

The Mastery Series Reels These Trout, Salmon and Steelhead Reels are finely detailed in German Silver with 10-postion adjustable, super smooth Custom Drum Drag System. The first salmon reels were introduced in 1984, and have since gained a a fabulous reputation on the rivers of the world. Refined over the last three decades, they are designed to last the lifetime of the angler who fishes rather often and expects nothing but the very best.

  Classic reel   Classic reel   Classic reel